Working Together to Realise the Dream

Sport4Kids’ founders believe that by partnering with like-minded people who have the ability to invest and develop their own S4K platform, there is significant opportunity for shared wealth creation and the acceleration of the S4K mission. 

Franchising has consistently proven to be a great way to build a successful business and grown a global brand.  S4K’s mission is to lead the sports service, entertainment and education markets in terms of quality and market share.  The founders believe in the statistics that demonstrate that a partnership approach to business expansion, which is at the very heart of franchising, has very tangible benefits for all those involved. 

In preparation for franchising the S4K business, a number of advisors have been consulted and a support network has been established to ensure S4K’s venture into franchising is conducted with the utmost professionalism and in accordance with franchising best practice.

S4K is looking for significant franchise investors and as such the territories on offer will be large enough for franchisees to build a sizeable business. The territories on offer will also be at least half a geographic county with seven to 10 towns that would support a considerable growth business and provide market opportunity that could help grow a wealth generating business asset. With the number and depth of service lines that are part of the S4K Business Model the growth potential for each territory is substantial.  Specific details of territory size, populations, nursery and school density will be provided at the next stage of engagement.  There will also be opportunities for investor franchisees to purchase more than one franchise area depending upon circumstance.

The approach is to build a number of sports industry entrepreneurs that will have the strength to expand and compete aggressively in their markets.  We are looking for talented individuals who are willing to become real partners, contributing to the growth of the brand and its impact within the industry.

A passion for business is a pre-requisite: S4K will select the very best of franchise partners so as to create a sought after franchise business that is held in high regard. 


Find out more about how you can build a business legacy for your family and join our mission revolutionise children´s sport & health

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