Frequently asked questions

What exactly is franchising?
A franchise is a licence granted to an individual or firm to run a business in an assigned territory using another firm’s proven brand and systems. In reality it is also a partnership between the franchisor and the franchisee which, although underpinned with a legal franchise agreement, is dependent for its success on the delivery of the products and services by the franchisor and the continuing commitment and motivation of the franchisee. This is which why S4K has Partner Franchisees, your success is our success.
Why choose an S4K Partner Franchise?
How much capital will I need?
What can I expect in terms of ROI from my investment?
What would be the size of my business after 5 Years?
What Territory will I be given?
Do I need to work in the business?
How will I recruit my staff?
What support will I get?
What is the risk?
It is less risk to open as a franchised business due to the experienced business support network that you gain from working within a franchised business. 50% of new independent businesses fail within the first year. Remember, your success means our success so we are committed to making your business work. S4K is operating in a growth sector that is buoyed by new government measures and increased parent demand for high quality sports entertainment provision for their children. It is a great future proofed industry.
How much is an S4K Partner Franchisee Licence?
Does S4K help with raising finance?
How long is the term for the Licence?
Can I own more than one S4K Territory?
Do I need experience in coaching, education or sports?
What is the Application and Selection process?
How will I attract customers?

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