What is the Return on Investment?

The market for sports is buoyant and with the government declaring war on obesity and looking to double the spend in junior schools on sport there has never been a better time to invest in the childrens sports market.

So, what do we need to invest and what would we get in return? S4K seeks to build large powerful franchisee businesses that can provide a legacy for them and their families.

We are looking for true partner franchisees – entrepreneurial business builders who are able to follow the S4K Business System but able to shape the direction and success of their own S4K enterprise in their territory. We also need our Franchisees to be able to invest in a great business opportunity.

As such prospective Franchisees will determine the levels of investment and the speed at which they can build a strong business.
No set of performance data, figures or KPI’s can be guaranteed and any performance projections are based upon the Franchise capability, commitment, levels of investment and attitude to growth.

S4K have asked Franchise Finance, the foremost and most well respected franchise financial analysts and advisors in the market, to independently review the S4K core business and prepare finance models ready for franchising. Franchise Finance prepares business plans and submissions to the major banks to secure financing and to validate the franchisees fiscal and business objectives.

Investment can range from £100,000 to £250,000 and provide strong returns. Based upon independent modelling by Franchise Finance indicative return on investment projections are as follows:
Against an initial investment in a typical franchise of £120,000 the indicative ROI is projected to be in excess of 220% after three years and 770% ROI over five years. You will also be able build a growth business in excess of £1million over the period of the initial licence.
S4K is committed to delivering long term assets for our Partner franchisee’s and have created a Licence structure that promotes long term wealth and asset build. The first Licence period is 7 Years followed by a further 5 years based upon a nominal fee with subsequent licence terms available continually based upon performance and fair market renewal fees at the time of extensions. We want to give franchisees a life-long asset they can pass onto their families or obtain a large re-sale value. More detail is available upon request.

A Growth Market
Growth in the sports marketplace continues at a pace. In addition to poorly catered for provisions in education, there is large untapped demand for afterschool and weekend sports clubs.

With parents investing more and more in their children’s wellbeing, and as the UK faces a childhood obesity crisis, the healthy, active lifestyle of The S4K Way and the services we provide are increasingly in demand. The government has declared war on sugar and fitness in schools, famous celebrities are raising the profile of one of the biggest issues facing people today.

This market is only going to get bigger - and as the market expands, S4K’s potential for growth across UK is compelling. Never has there been a better time to launch a sports services franchise and S4K presents the ideal opportunity for the right investor to capitalize on.

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