Frequently asked questions

What exactly is franchising?
A franchise is a licence granted to an individual or firm to run a business in an assigned territory using another firm’s proven brand and systems. In reality it is also a partnership between the franchisor and the franchisee which, although underpinned with a legal franchise agreement, is dependent for its success on the delivery of the products and services by the franchisor and the continuing commitment and motivation of the franchisee. This is which why S4K has Partner Franchisees, your success is our success.
Why choose an S4K Partner Franchise?
There are many reasons, in addition to the strong ROI, is that it has an innovative business model, it allows you to build a large growth business, has world class products and has a culture of investing in the business to constantly improve to achieve the S4K mission of transforming the childrens sports services industry. It promises to be a great sporting lifestyle and a passion driven journey to doing something great and leaving a legacy.
How much capital will I need?
You will need to have a minimum of £70,000 up to £250,000 capital, dependent upon territory and the Partner Franchisee’s business plan. You will need a minimum of £50,000 to £70,000 and typically you will be able depending upon circumstances borrow the rest from the banks.
What can I expect in terms of ROI from my investment?
Although depending upon Partner Franchisee levels of investment, commitment, capability, securing coaches, venues and executing territory sales and marketing indicative ROI against an investment of £120,000 would be 170% after three years
What would be the size of my business after 5 Years?
The first three years are building the foundation for growth and after 5 Years you would expect to be turning over in excess of £1million based upon indicative models independently reviewed by Franchise Finance.
What Territory will I be given?
The territories have been mapped by Atlas Mapping the leading franchise mapping agent in the UK. Territories are similar and have been based upon demographics of children from 0 to 14 years of age and corresponding numbers of nurseries, schools and venues. Territories are larger than other similar competitive franchise models and is designed to give an S4K Partner Franchisee a growth platform to grow a very large business.
Do I need to work in the business?
No you do not need to work in the business. It is essential that you work on the business not in the business. You can be an investor and non-executive board member of chairman of you own business. You do have to be a leader, a communicator and a business builder.
How will I recruit my staff?
S4K will provide you with substantial assistance in recruiting and on-boarding your staff. With the help of proven marketing techniques including the, S$K will work with you to develop the number and quality of coaches. There is a comprehensive vetting, on-boarding, training, accrediting, shadowing and auditing of coaching teams to ensure you have the right quality and number for a growth business.
What support will I get?
S4K will provide the most comprehensive support processes and mechanisms during the on-boarding process but also during your launch phase and your on-going operations. More detail will be provided during the application process. It covers business advice, training, product, finance, administration, systems, coaches, customer service, sales and marketing aspects of your business.
What is the risk?
It is less risk to open as a franchised business due to the experienced business support network that you gain from working within a franchised business. 50% of new independent businesses fail within the first year. Remember, your success means our success so we are committed to making your business work. S4K is operating in a growth sector that is buoyed by new government measures and increased parent demand for high quality sports entertainment provision for their children. It is a great future proofed industry.
How much is an S4K Partner Franchisee Licence?
The actual cost of a licence varies between £25,000 and £50,000 thousand pounds depending upon territory and the level of capital being invested by the Franchisee,
Does S4K help with raising finance?
No, however S4K has partnered with Franchise Finance, to help with arranging finance and as the leading franchise financial advisors have a 95% success rate in raising capital for franchisees.
How long is the term for the Licence?
The initial period is for 7 years with an automatic extension of 5 years depending upon performance making it 12 Years. The Licence allows a number of further extensions subject to reasonable fees and performance criteria.
Can I own more than one S4K Territory?
Yes. If you have the right levels of capital to guarantee large growth territories and the levels of commitment are right, there is no reason why S4K would not grant more territories to one Franchisee. S4K would be happy to work with a smaller number of larger Partner Franchisees than many smaller ones.
Do I need experience in coaching, education or sports?
No the typical profile of an S4K Franchisee is a business builder not a coach. A passion for sport and developing children is a pre-requisite as is some evidence of business acumen, management capability and leadership and communications experience to represent the S4K brand and be the brand ambassador for your territory. S4K has built the industry knowledge and insight into the product and service experience, so having worked in the industry is not required. In some respects, it can be a hindrance as S4K is doing things different with innovation and a service industry set of values, not a traditional sports coaching mentality.
What is the Application and Selection process?
Upon registering interest there will be a series of information sharing activities including the S4K Business Prospectus, Memorandum of Information and an S4K Discovery Day. In addition, there are financial processes with Franchise Finance, Territory discussions using Atal Mapping technology to review territory demographics and any number of venue and suite visits. There will also be a business planning and on-boarding process to ensure there is a good fit for both parties and there is a growth trajectory set for each S4K Partner Franchise.
How will I attract customers?
S4K has proven marketing and sales processes to ensure you get access to a stream of customers from both schools and nurseries but also parents. This is part of the S4K secret sauce and will be shared in more detail during the application and on-boarding process as it is a significant source of competitive advantage for S4K.

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