Ideal Profile

S4K are looking for real Partner Franchisees. We are looking for people with a passion for building a business of their own. We are looking for entrepreneurial sport business builders. They should have an interest in sport and feel comfortable with the S4K mission of transforming the childrens sports and entertainment industry.

Experience in sport is not necessary, nor is a track record in coaching. We are looking for people who have the business acumen to build a service industry business with a particular territory. People communication skills, leadership and motivational skills are core to being successful.

Having the purchase capital and working capital to buy and develop an S4K Franchise is a pre-requisite. As a S4K Franchisee your role will be to manage and develop your business, recruit and train quality sports entertainers, to maintain the high professional standards and ethos of The S4K Way and be the brand ambassador for S4K in your region.

As the business model has several service lines with multi products within each then it will require someone that can manage and lead a business that is multi-faceted. To be able to determine their own strategy for territory, work out which sports to build in which order, to be able to prioritised and focus on the key growth levers in the business.

You will have the necessary collaboration skills to work with the S4K core team and also fellow Partner Franchisees. A sense of comradery and a feeling of supporting each other is a key element of a successful and harmonious Partner Franchise network.

An Invest and Grow Mentality
As the market territories are comparatively large and there are many revenue lines, the attitude to investment and growth is important. You will have the necessary capital to both invest and grow your business over several years. This is both an immediate growth opportunity but also to build a business that continually over a number of years.

An S4K Partner Franchise is for those able to work on the business not necessarily in the business. We are not looking for coach franchisees, in fact we are looking for the opposite. This is not a coaching career or wanting to be your own boss, it is about building business.

We are flexible on how much involvement you would like to have in the day to day operations. You may be an investor who hires their general management team to build your business, while you focus on other business or career matters. You may want to be hands on every day of the week and live the business build experience from within and adopt S4K as a sporting lifestyle getting involved in every aspect. The decision is up to you.

Ability to Follow The S4K Business System
Franchise Partners will recognise the power of the S4K brand and Business System and that it is something they do not have to create themselves and can follow the proven methods and processes.

You should have a strong commitment to providing exceptional service, have good management skills and, most of all, enjoy working in a quality focused, lively and fun environment. In many sports, teamwork is critical. It is definitely critical to S4K. Rather than being a sole trader and potentially isolated, you will be part of a team. Together we will be aiming for the same goal – business success.

S4K Franchising Ltd.

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